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About Isolation Dieta

Sit in isolation with a Master Plant to receive its wisdom and healing powers

An isolation diet is a traditional way to integrate specific Master Plant Medicines or ‘spirit doctors’ into the physical and energetic body in an uninterrupted space. The reason for isolation is a simple one – when the prepared brew of plants or roots is consumed, the physical and energetic body becomes very ‘delicate and sensitive.’

This state is necessary in order to shift and release energy or blockages on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Because of this sensitivity, the dieter should avoid all distractions of and interactions with the ‘outside world’ including music, reading material, and interaction with other people. Isolation in a rainforest setting provides a natural environment conducive to introspection, rebooting and re-energizing the body and mind free from the stresses of the populated world.

In true traditional fashion, the Shaman or dieter would trek deep into the jungle and pitch a tent or sleep under the canopy of the trees, living within the conditions of the rainforest for the duration of their dieta. Based on this tradition, there're carefully placed each tambo in a private, isolated location within the jungle canopy while still providing solid protection from the elements. These tambos are equipped with access to a private composting toilet and a private bathing area on the ‘quebrada’ (stream) that runs through the property. This provides an optimal environment for the dieter to work with the Teacher/ Master plant.

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