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Stalking Your Highest Potential with Ajo Sacha

Considered the “opener of the way” in Amazonian shamanic tradition, ajo sacha (Masoa alliacea) is a much respected plant teacher that is used

in many contexts: as a tonic, in floral baths, and as an admixture in the ayahuasca brew. I have been working with ajo sacha for years now both in the jungle and at home and it is a power plant unlike any other. Anti-inflammatory, mood enhancer, blood cleanser, ajo sacha strengthens the body, the immune system, increases personal strength. To me, the smell evokes everything that is jungle: that dense tangy scent of wet plants that is so characteristic of the Amazon. The closest recognizable scent is garlic, which is how it gets its name (forest garlic) though it has no botanical relationship to that plant, its smell is owing to its high sulphur content.

As a teacher plant, ajo sacha has untold gifts. Used by indigenous communities for centuries against saladera (a run of bad luck), ajo sacha is believed to banish negative energy from the mind and body. It was also used for hunters hoping to refine their senses in tracking prey.

One of its greatest gifts of is enabling you to stalk (hunt down the things you really what you really want in life). After months of drinking ajo sacha, I felt remarkably stronger and more focused in my goals. Ajo sacha also fortifies the body, and will, leading to greater self-confidence in the face of adversity.

Ajo Sacha and Dreaming

One of the most amazing things about ajo sacha is how it teaches so instructively through dreams. Dreams with ajo sacha are always very instructive, vivid, and memorable. Their message is usually quite to the point as well. For this reason, their teachings are easy to interpret and integrate. Sometimes it takes a little while for the dreaming to unfold but eventually, even the person who declares they never dream will begin dreaming with ajo sacha.

Ajo Sacha and Ayahuasca

Ajo Sacha is a very versatile plant and for this reason it is an excellent plant to work with at home. It is simply supportive of whatever you choose to do and it is exceptionally grounding making it an excellent choice either to prepare for working with ayahuasca or for a post-ayahuasca integration programme. Used in conjunction with coaching, it accelerates the healing and learning process, yielding powerful insights and removing blocks to progress created by old fears and insecurities. An excellent detoxifier, it an ideal part of any preparation programme to work with other plant medicines. It strengthens the mind and the resolves and clarifies one’s intentions. It also opens the imagination and intuition while tuning its discerning abilities.The overall energy of the plant can be said to be protective and supportive, which is why it is often added to ayahuasca as an admixture.

My personal experience with Ajo sacha:

During my dieta I had lucid dreams, in the dreams I had conversations with people who then showed up in real life. Ajo sacha can intensify premonitions and sensitizes the senses to visionaries. In addition, Ajo Sacha helps to overcome "unbearable" situations and to keep negative energies away. Ajo Sacha is described by the Indians as a door opener for all other medicinal plants.

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