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Attempting to control our emotions

Attempting to control our emotions creates more pain, instead try embracing your feelings.

It’s important to let emotions flow through the body, this helps us to develop a strong relationship with our emotional body.

Repression of our emotions leads to dis-seas both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Create a personal practice that centers around self-acceptance over self-improvement - in the typical sense.

When we are caught on improving ourselves, we are living from the belief that we are somehow broken and flawed.

Self-acceptance allows us to drop into a space of compassion and forgiveness for who we are now, the choices we have made, and the circumstances we find ourselves in.

From there, the love and nurturance that arises from letting go of the need to fix yourself, will naturally allow the energy of healthy transformation to arise.

Growing doesn’t have to feel like a race to get somewhere, it can be a beautiful unfolding where you experience gratitude for each step along the way.

There will be hard days of course, but if we continue to lean into acceptance, we will learn to embrace the moments that bring us closer to the parts of ourselves that need more attention and love.






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