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Faszien Yoga

Dates: --.02.2020 - --.02.2020

coming soon...

Location: Talentos Peru, calle José Galvez 999, Miraflores, Perú (at the Mater Purissima School)


Yoga fascia keeps the connective tissue flexible.

The more the fascia is stretched, the more force is generated and transported in the body. A trained connective tissue can absorb and transmit strength better. Yoga keeps the fascia busy and soft. One stretches the muscles and underlying connective tissue in fluid movements and releases the blocked energy channels. Exercises also improve mobility and posture and, therefore, prevent back pain. If you regularly do yoga or other stretching exercises, you know how energetic and strong you feel after a good training session. We owe this effect to our fascias. The more elastic they are, the younger and more powerful we feel.

Learning objectives

  • Improve the performance, strength and flexibility of your muscles
  • Your connective tissue (fascia) becomes more elastic and tension is released
  • Your connective tissue is loosened by the fascial release technique (loosening) using various aids
  • You squeeze your whole body

A space of integral healing for Yoga practitioners or not.

Important: This class is not physical therapy. If you have a severe physical condition, consult a specialist before starting this program.





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