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Incense (ceremony)

Smoking ceremonies have been known in many cultures worldwide for thousands of years. Today, the old rituals are back in vogue: by smoking medicinal herbs, rooms are to be freed from old information and negative energies. It also smells super delicious and spreads a homely atmosphere. You can find out how it works here in the step-by-step guide to spiritual smoking.

Smoking is an ancient tradition that was used thousands of years ago in almost all major cultures of humanity as a means of purification, healing, blessing and spiritual connection. Now the arts and crafts are experiencing a revival: people like to smoke in yoga studios and meditation centers anyway.

But “holy smoke” is also finding more and more fans at home: be it to purify the atmosphere, clarify the aura, invoke a higher power or simply because it smells delicious and spreads cosiness.

Relief from negative energies by smoking at home

Lavender, sweet grass, cinnamon, cedarwood, sage, rose petals - these are just a few of the fragrant medicinal plants that can be fumigated individually or in mixtures. In contrast to fragrance oils, in which only the scent essence of the essential oils is distributed in the room via the heat of a candle, the herb or the medicinal plant is actually burned during smoking. The smoke generated is said to have a cleaning and healing effect.

As the smoke spreads into every corner of a room, it is supposed to absorb and dissolve all residues, old information and bad energies in the room. At the same time, he distributes positive energies with the fragrance and the power of the medicinal herbs.

The effect of smoking: cleaning, blessing, healing, connection with spiritual powers

In principle, smoking is always possible. The occasion and the intention behind it are more important than time and place. Reasons for smoking can be, for example, times of change: after a surviving illness, after moving or separating, at the turn of the year. Some people smoke every morning to greet the day in purity and peace or every Sunday evening to smoke out the experiences and information of the week and start the new week with fresh air. At large celebrations and family celebrations such as Christmas, smoking is suitable for bundling and harmonizing energies.

We can also use smoking as an energetic protective shield if, for example, we want to protect our home against negative influences from the environment. And when we bring used furniture or clothes home, smoking can clean them of old information and energy from previous owners. Incense can also establish a connection to a higher power or to God as a spiritual ritual.

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