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Plant Medicine - Sacred Mapacho

Many a times, we misunderstand some of the plants in our culture and we are unable to use them to their fullest potential, the likes of marijuana, mushrooms, and tobaccos fall under this category.

Tobacco is one of earth’s greatest healing plants, as the traditional

shamans and ancients explains, it is a powerful plant that grounds and stimulates one. It is regarded as a potent plant medicine that is capable of clearing away superfluous energies. With all of its potential to perform great miracles and wonders, if used without supervision it is also capable of causing great destruction. We consider it Holy Smoke.

What is Rapé Sacred Mapacho?

Nicotinia rustica, commonly called Mapacho in the Northern Amazon and Rapé, the dried and powdered tobacco snuff that comes from the southern Amazon. The combination of both of them makes them a powerful and beautiful healing medicine.

What are the main ingredients in Rapé Sacred Mapacho?

The first ingredient in the Rapé Sacred Mapacho is the cured (processed with zero additives) jungle tobacco mapacho, which is quite different from the common tobacco found in cigarettes. Tobacco here in the United States my be organic and not sprayed with pesticides, but our growing practices are not the same as in the jungles of the Amazon, where there is no contamination, of the soil or ground water. The second active ingredient used are the ashes from sacred trees which are added to act as an alkalizer in balancing the tobacco.

Other optional ingredients such as yopo and wilka may be added to increase visionary properties of the snuff.

The snuff is then created through a lengthy and intensive ritual pauses that is meant to invoke the spirit of the plant used.

Ceremonial Uses of Rapé Sacred Mapacho

Rapé Sacred Mapacho has numerous benefits when it comes to the healing of the physical, spiritual, and psychological. The following are some of the benefits of the sacred ritual ceremonies of Rapé Mapacho;

  • It helps clear the mind as well as the thought and also helps the mind to focus.
  • It opens up your spiritual and physical senses to become more aware of your surroundings.
  • It cleanses the body and purifies the energetic fields.
  • It centers and grounds your energy.
  • It centers and stimulates the mind and senses.

Ceremonies where Rapé Sacred Mapacho is Used

Rapé Sacred Mapacho can be used traditionally either in its own ceremony or in Kambo or Ayahuasca ceremonies. The best effect that you can get from using the Rapé Sacred Mapacho is during ceremonials.

Medicinal Ingredients of Rapé Sacred Mapacho

 - Nicotine – it is a substance that is highly addictive because of its addictive properties. Nicotine, according to studies, has the following medicinal benefits:

  • It helps activate the body’s central nervous system
  • It increases the flow of blood to the brain.
  • It stimulates the mind to make the person feel alert and focused

- Harmala Alkaloids – This compound is one of the principal ingredients in ayahuasca as they are used to stimulate the body’s central nervous system by inhibiting the serotonin and norepinephrine in the body. Studies show that Harmala Alkaloids have the following benefits;

  • It has anti-cancer properties
  • It has antidepressant properties.
  • It also has neuroprotective properties.

The sacred tobacco – Rapé Sacred Mapacho has numerous benefits when used effectively and properly under the supervision of an experienced practitioner, healer, and shaman. Use it right, use it respectfully and you’ll see its amazing wonders. 

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