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Personal Trainin - One to one session

With individual training, I can specifically focus on your needs and options. It does not matter whether you are physically trained and agile, a talent for movement or you have never been active in sports. Even physical limitations are not an obstacle to start personal training.

You determine your focus, whether endurance, strength and / or flexibility. Together we define your goal - THE goal! And that's where we work with dedication and joy.

Register today and increase your physical fitness, your health and your well-being! Because in a healthy body there is a healthy mind;)

The calm, sheltered setting that this private workout offers makes it easier to let go. You can devote yourself to your exercises more psychologically, physically and emotionally. The individual training can be carried out in my training room, in a quiet place or outdoors.



Vinyasa Flow

Yoga basic & advanced

Power Yoga

Yin / Restaurative Yoga

Fascia Yoga

Fascia Training

Fitness, BBP, Bodytoning



"Silvia has so much energy, enthusiasm and competence ... you can't help but get fit - and grow beyond yourself!" - Tim L.

Appointments by arrangement: +41 78 743 45 32 WhatsApp or via the contact form





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