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West. Medicinal plants - power of herbs

Essence and application

Plants are the basis of human existence. They serve him not only for the immediate preservation of his life, but are also a source of joy and strength. In the medicinal plants in particular there is a huge potential of powers that give people recovery and vitality in sick and healthy days.

These forces can be used in very different degrees. The decisive factor here is the way in which a medicinal plant is processed into a medicinal product.

e.g. Mother tinctures - these are fresh plant preparations - with a high internal quality are the ideal means to convey the essence, the personality of a medicinal plant. You can work with mother tinctures not only on the physical, but also on the mental level.

By studying the essence, the therapist or patient is able to establish an internal relationship with the plant, which allows its healing powers to develop to a great extent.

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