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Spiritual Warrior on Tour 2019/2020!

  • Reykjavik - Iceland 2019
  • Islas Baleares - Spain 2019
  • Basel & Zürich - Switzerland 2019
  • Miami - Florida (USA) 2019
  • Lima - Peru 2020

Spiritual Warrior Workshop & classes

Full Workshop about 90 - 120 minutes

Classes about 50 - 60 minutes

Sign up for workshop by email: or at the studio

Next Date: Coming soon

Location: Coming soon


A modern contemporary yoga class that draws on the freedom of creative sequencing cultivated in Vinyasa yoga and the circular nature of martial arts. Budokon is the art of seamless transition, coupled with the beauty of circular rotation, gaining functional strength, cardiovascular stamina, and joint mobility.

An opportunity for you to experience the first art form to blend yoga, martial arts, calisthenics and mobility movement in this dynamic session that builds explosive power, tones muscles and burns calories. Perfect for movers, yogis, martial artists and athletes at any fitness level. Budokon builds arm, shoulder and leg strength, while developing a functional core and greater range of motion in the hamstrings and hips.

The Yoga class begins with a gentle mobility warm up before gradually building and developing our practice of the Budokon Primary Series. Come down and experience power, grace and flow!

This classes and workshops are suitable for adults of all Levels.


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